What if Silas assumes the appearance of Jeremy since his was the first life essence that he took upon awakening? Silas can get into people’s minds and make them think whatever he wants them to. 5 6 7. Eye color It consists of: The Vampire Diaries Wiki is a FANDOM TV Community. The Vampire Diaries series finale had it all. After Stefan had awoken from healing his snapped neck, he was so furious at Silas and Damon's plans that he tracked Silas and Tessa down to out him; since Stefan was awake, Silas' psychic abilities were disabled once again, putting him in the position to be petrified a second time by Tessa using the power of her talisman. Silas, however, argues that though it might seem like a very small sum to a gentleman, it is more money than many other working people have. Silas snapped the tip of the stake off, leaving it embedded in Klaus' back before reminding him to bring him the cure and leaving the scene. Also, as far as we know, Tom never got to meet any of his fellow doppelgängers or their progenitor. Qetsiyah gave Silas an ultimatum after Silas had found out that Amara had "died": to surrender to her, give up his immortality and take the cure so that he would become a mortal witch again, with the intention that he spend the rest of his mortal life with Qetsiyah instead. Godfrey says that Eppie does not look like she was born for a working life and that she would do better living in a place like his home. Silas, still posing as Shane, appeared when Bonnie returned home and asked her if she told her friends. Something man-size that flickered and fluttered as it moved, like the strobing flight of a bat. Silas gives Damon a crash course on why he looks like Stefan and tells where was he the whole summer, shocked to know about this he starts to search Stefan with the help of Stefan. It was thought that Silas' true face was greatly deformed and covered in scar tissue, however, he revealed to Bonnie that that was merely another illusion, used to lull her into a false sense of security. When Klaus refused, Silas revealed that he had gained possession of the White Oak Stake from an unknowing Rebekah. Jeremy Gilbert (5th Time/Revived by Bonnie Bennett)Five hospital patientsRudy HopkinsMatt Donovan (2nd Time/Revived by Gilbert Ring)Many unknown humans over the centuries Over the course of the summer, Silas drank vast amounts of blood, drinking from the people of Mystic Falls casually before wiping their memories that he was ever even there. He tells her that Qetsiyah will never come to help her put him down, and that she either has the choice of destroying the veil, and allowing the supernatural dead to walk the earth, or have Silas walking the earth. Graduation The name Silas means Man Of The Forest and is of Latin origin. (Home). Also, his eyes appeared to be white from the blood consumption. He then explained to Stefan that he was able to overcome the spell that petrified him after the death of the witch who cast it. One of them, Nadia, killed the other, saying that she had her own agenda and needed Silas free. Klaus, not wanting his enemies from The Other Side to return, tells Silas no and that he doesn't scare him. Cause of death He was then told what is needed in order to raise Silas, who could in turn revive her and his son, Sam. He’s also Bod’s idol – the guy Bod looks up to, and will always look up to above all others. A girl can dream can't she? Qetsiyah then lured and imprisoned Silas with the cure for immortality on a desolate Island deep in an underground cave. This motivated Shane to do the things he has done believing that it was the right thing. Do not bother the gender. Later, he received a call from his doppelgänger - Stefan that he captured Amara as the hostage. He also attempts to get Klaus to help him through a deal, before resorting to more extreme measures after Klaus' refusal. advertisement . It would explain why Silas locked Stefan in a safe at the bottom of the lake. Silas lost his knife at some point in the fight, and though Silas did briefly incapacitate Stefan with a pain infliction spell, Stefan was able to overpower it and throw the knife at Silas, hitting him in the chest and killing him before Amara had the chance to die. Title(s) He was particularly gifted in telekinesis, using little to no effort in performing it. Find out more about the name Silas at BabyNames.com. Silas (Ancient Greek: Σίλας; Latin: Silvanus) was born some time during 1st Century B.C.E. Silas fight with Jeremy and shows his physical capabilities. He then went to the gathering in the town square where Rudy Hopkins was giving a speech. Arriving at the campground, he confronted Matt Donovan but discovered his abilities didn't work on him, and when he pried into Matt's mind saw that a group he was familiar with, The Travelers, had already manipulated Matt's mind to see through and spy on Silas. Bonnie, unlike Silas, didn't want to destroy The Other Side. Silas is shown to be very manipulative, as during his time in which he was desiccated, he placed illusions in people's minds in order to get them to help free him from his prison. The immortality spell (elixir) in which Qetsiyah had created was to be consumed by both Silas and Qetsiyah on their wedding ceremony. There hasn't been any casting call for actors to play Silas. 10 (True Form)6 (As Illusions and Disfigured Form)16 (Totaled) Qetsiyah was unaware that he had no intention of spending eternity with her while she created the spell, blinded by Silas and her love for him. He also can make himself look like anyone such as when he appeared as Shane. He found out that the anchor is not an object but a person. Stefan immediately assumed that Silas was the progenitor of what was known as the Petrova doppelgänger line, but Silas corrected him by taking his true form, which was identical to Stefan, revealing that Stefan, too, was a doppelgänger of Silas. This spell made him a true immortal, completely immortal and indestrucitible. It was later learned that Silas had another doppelgänger after Stefan named Tom Avery, the only other known doppelg… Unfortunately for Silas, he was trapped in a situation with Qestiyah, to whom he was engaged. His ability to make others see whatever form he chooses has resulted in his true form being unknown. He explains that it is a punishment from Qetsiyah, which he referred to as "Qetsiyah's revenge"--if she couldn't have him, she didn't want anyone to be able to love him either. In Pictures of You, Silas appeared in Stefan's, Damon's, Jeremy's and in Rebekah's form, all in a ploy to get Bonnie on his side and get to maneuver his obstacles out of the way as he tries to secure the Cure from Elijah. In Bring It On, Stefan called Damon, who was on his way out of town with Elena, to inform him that Mystic Falls' hospital, along with several other hospitals in the nearby area, had their entire blood bag supply stolen. in Ancient Greece, during the Biblical Times, Silas was a young, gifted and powerful witch who was a part of a group of very gifted witches called The Travelers. He wanted to have his powers back long enough to get inside Tessa's head, counting on her believing she was speaking to Stefan and being off guard since she had once loved a man with the same face. Spoilers ahead for The Vampire Diaries series finale. Even when Damon offered to take the Cure during season 6, Elena and Stefan doubted whether Damon would regret the decision. Shane shows drawings of Silas along with his headstone. 4 Stefan: Were Married and Officially a Couple While we may imagine what a romantic relationship with Klaus may have been like, they never had a committed romantic relationship. But why would he? They hold on to trees to prevent themselves from getting sucked away. Sure, it was to keep her safe (his words) but a relationship like this is also not good/the best. Silas refused to give Qetsiyah the satisfaction of winning, so he stayed buried, not taking the Cure. A few weeks later, they were all found dead and drained of their blood (they were more than likely sacrificed by someone to feed Silas). This fear also leads to Kol betraying their truce by attempting to chop off Jeremy's arms so that the map on the Hunter's Mark will never be completed; which leads to his death at Jeremy's hands, with Elena's assistance. This ploy succeeded in luring Silas out into the woods, where he found Amara bound to a tree. Pain Infliction (Twice)Telekinesis (Twice)Solar Boundary SpellPyrokinesisHalting Spell (on Qetsiyah) When this proved inadequate he escalated his efforts culminating in the murder of Bonnie's father, Rudy Hopkins. He told her that the witches would all link themselves together in an attempt to remove the expression from her being; he emphasized that she endure them until they were all linked, and once they did, she was to overpower them and kill them. He makes it very clear that Elena's resemblance to Katherine is what drew him into her, but he soon realized that Elena is a much better and less selfish person than Katherine, and he fell in love with her. However, when he opened the bag to put him in the safe, he found that Silas' body wasn't there. "She looks like my girl back then, now that she's gone perhaps I may take a certain someone to replace. And also Stefan and Damon see Elena {in the book} as herself. Silas refused to give her the satisfaction so he remained immortal and trapped for 2,000 years. She does fake her death, but because of that, she learns how she took everything for granted, like not … Share Share Tweet Email. Down the Rabbit Hole (Actual Appearance) Assuming that it is Silas, Klaus ponders why he should care about Silas being in Mystic Falls. Stefan successfully lured him out. And why does he loves darker Stefan? Like in Season 6, when Damon was dead, or after he came out of that weird torture world in Season 7. And also Stefan and Damon see Elena {in the book} as ... (on the show)1 is generally immortal and is sent to destroy the other person that they look like. They originated around Greece and started approximately two thousand years ago. However, after being given the Cure, he had the typical weaknesses of a witch. During and after exposure of the story of the first immortal (Silas), Atticus Shane describes part of the true nature of Silas. Home (Ghost). He explains, "Silas will revive those who are sacrificed to bring him back." Silas was the most overhyped, under-utilised villain in the whole show. Jeremy is the first person fed upon by Silas, whose body seems to have fossilized. However, Silas has shown to be willing to negotiate with people. After the triangle was completed, Silas confronted Klaus, now only needing the Cure to complete his plans. Turned Kol proceeded to kill them all. Elena survives the ritual, so why doesn't Katherine kill her? In Death and the Maiden, Silas received a call from Stefan, who immediately informed him that he had captured Silas' true love and anchor to the Other Side, Amara, as a hostage, and threatened to run off with her and keep her alive indefinitely to ensure that they both would never be able to die and spend eternity together in the afterlife. As Amara became mortal and could be killed, the Other Side would no longer exist; therefore, Amara and him could spend eternity in the afterlife. Aside from these abilities, Silas demonstrated Super Strength on par with those of The Five and was completely indestructible. When Bonnie and Jeremy found him he seemed to be in such a desiccated state that he was fossilized. He also defeated her in magical combat although it should be noted that he had a psychological hold over her at the time. He initially pretended to be Stefan until he let slip who he was. Having lost his power, Silas realized that Qetsiyah was back, calling Nadia and telling her to hold up the end of their deal. Stefan, first of all, does not just love Elena because she looks like his past 'love'. So, she clicked "End Call" and hugged him. The cure for immortality came back into play during Friday's episode of The Vampire Diaries. (Through The Immortality Spell) Stefan was so taken aback by this revelation that Silas was easily able to stake him in the stomach, throw him in the safe, and shove the safe off the cliff into the water below. Of course, Silas wasn't the only family member at the Super Bowl stadium showing support. Stefan is given the job of disposing of his body but things go terribly wrong when he discovers that Silas is actually not incapacitated and is actually alive and well. Bonnie, emotionally shattered by the news, started to lose control of her magic and Silas used this moment of vulnerability to tell her that she can bring Jeremy back. In Graduation, Stefan brought what he believed to be Silas' petrified body in a body bag to Steven's Quarry in order to lock him in a large safe and throw it at the bottom of the lake to ensure he would never bother them again. and 1st century B.C. Your right. Stefan look turned Silas. By his own admission, Silas wishes to take the Cure, so that he can die and be reunited with his human lover. Silas, sent Bonnie to Damon so she could be taken back home, where Bonnie told her friends of what "Shane" told her. Silas is a name that's been used primarily by parents who are considering baby names for boys. In Season Four, Stefan worked with many of the members of the Mystic Falls Gang, as well as Rebekah Mikaelson, in order to find Silas' tomb so they could retrieve the cure for immortality that was entombed with him, as they believed there was an unlimited amount of the cure there. Intimacy Levels Silas was engaged to a beautiful young lady named Qetsiyah (who would become the oldest known ancestor of the Bennett bloodline), who was one of the most powerful witches in history and was also his best friend since childhood. Also, Stefan and Elena are just so good together I can't stand it! Paul Wesley (Actual/Original Form)Scott Parks (Disfigured Form)Jason Spisak (Disfigured Form's Voice)Several Cast Members (Illusions) As Silas was cutting Amara's throat, Stefan intervened and they had a fight and he dropped his knife. At that moment, Silas decided to reveal himself, explaining to the town that he had gained a lot of strength through his blood-letting in the summer and though he was once limited to only getting into one person's head at a time, he could now control a whole town square. When Silas begins to move his arms, he grabs Jeremy's neck, taking his hands off of the box with the Cure, which allows Katherine to grab it and get away. Consider your name Silas as a picture. What seems to be one of Silas' most defining traits is his apparent death wish. This is evident by Kol's fear at the mention of his name. At first Bonnie was willing to work with Silas, as he was using his psychic powers to influence her mind. 2011-01-23 18:13:09 2011-01-23 18:13:09. Asked by Wiki User. so his doppelganger could be? This leads to Kol shooting down Elena's attempts to refute Silas' existence or power. The relationship between Silas and Bonnie Bennett started after the group's acquisition of the Cure and the subsequent release of Silas who awoke and broke free of his prison after feeding on Jeremy. Despite Stefan's belief that killing Silas was what he needed to do to help him deal with his post-traumatic stress disorder from his four months spent drowning in the quarry, Stefan continued to be overwhelmed by the memories caused by Silas' actions. She may think she is not that special to anybody else, but not to me." He later torments Caroline to find Bonnie who was hiding from him, even going as far as threatening Sheriff Forbes' life, and going on a killing spree. Silas gains control over Mystic Falls: While Stefan is still locked in the underwater tomb, his doppelganger starts to make the rounds. Height Despite initially being in a committed relationship with Stefan, Elena ultimately chose to be with Damon. Silas: Nope.I mean it. Stefan and Damon then planned to dump his body in the ocean, and Alaric helps Damon put Silas' body into the trunk of his car and hands Damon the Cure from Silas' pocket. Answer. Does he really love her or does he just feel like he has to save her because it's the right thing to do? 6. Although Qetsiyah was deeply (more like obsessively) in love with Silas, Silas did not reciprocate her love and affections. Silas walks off saying he'll be in touch. Silas wants to die and be reunited with his one true love, but he's supernatural, so if he takes the cure and dies, he gets stuck on the other side. Silas gave her some blood and took her out from the warehouse. Distant Family, Former Enemies, They are from the same family line (Silas is Stefan's ancestor), Stefan is one of Silas' many doppelgängers; Silas locked Stefan in a safe for months and pretended to be him, Stefan killed Silas after he took, Distant Family, Doppelgängers, Former Enemies; Ended. Elena, under the control of Silas, ties Damon up and attempts to kill him, but by focusing on the negative feeling she's had about Stefan all summer she returns to normal before she can carry out Silas' wishes. Silas was one of the most powerful witches amongst the group who desired immortality, wanting to live for eternity, and wanted to create a spell for immortality. Feb 28, 2020, 4:17 pm* Internet Culture . Thanks, Silas. He also discovers that Silas is his doppelgänger. So no one could recreate the cure. He and his friend named Qetsiyah, another powerful witch, created the very first spell of immortality to make him truly immortal. When she told him of their unwillingness to help, he told her that they were just afraid. Silas made his way to a local store, commanding the clerk to cut his wrist and bleed into a cup so Silas could drink his blood and recharge his energy. Klaus tried to attack him but Silas caught him off guard, stabbing the stake into his back, just below his heart. Annoyed by the inconvenience, he snapped Matt's neck, killing him. Grams tries to convince her to free Silas. Qetsiyah † (Ex-Fiancée)Amara † (Soulmate/True Love)Unnamed Father †Unnamed Mother †Unnamed Siblings †Unnamed Nephews And/Or Nieces †Unnamed Doppelgängers of Silas † (Distant Descendants)Giuseppe's Family and Relatives † (Distant Descendants)Giuseppe Salvatore † (Distant Descendant/Great Nephew)Lillian Salvatore † (Distant Descendant-In-Law)Damon Salvatore (Distant Descendant/Great Nephew)[1]Stefan Salvatore † (Distant Descendant/Great Nephew, Assumed to be 3rd Doppelgänger/Last Living Doppelgänger)[1]Zachariah Salvatore's Father † (Distant Descendant)Stefan Salvatore's Unborn Child † (Distant Descendant)Zachariah Salvatore † (Distant Descendant)Joseph Salvatore † (Distant Descendant)Joseph Salvatore's Son † (Distant Descendant)Zach Salvatore † (Distant Descendant)Tom Avery † (Distant Descendant, Assumed to be 4th Doppelgänger/Final Doppelgänger)Sarah Salvatore † (Distant Descendant) What do the first few chapters of Silas Marner tell us about Raveloe? Silas (Ancient Greek: Σίλας; Latin: Silvanus) was born some time during 1st Century B.C.E. Stefan eventually killed Silas. 8 Why Aren't They Born More Often? As Qetsiyah was waiting for Silas to join her at the altar so that they could share their gift of immortality together, everything around Qetsiyah started to die, which indicated that Silas had betrayed her and that he was drinking the immortality elixir somewhere else. WitchImmortal (Cured/Formerly)Ghost (Formerly)Spirit of Hell (Formerly) When Silas knew Qetsiyah's scheme that she would make Bonnie as the replacement for Amara, Silas stopped the ritual and wounded Qetsiyah. The episode received mixed reviews with some of the reviewers criticizing the amnesia storyline. Silas was the oldest known member and a very distant ancestor of the Salvatore Family and the progenitor of the Salvatore Doppelgänger bloodline. Silas: Why are you in my brother's bathtub? He was beside himself with the pleasure of having his old powers back, and also at the prospect of finally being able to die after 2,000 years. Silas hunts for the newly human Katherine sending Damon and Nadia to try and find her however this does not prove fruitful. Shane says "Maybe we should be afraid". Distant Family, Doppelgängers, Former Enemies; Ended (Both are dead). Elena was talking to Damon Salvatore, on her phone. In 2009, Atticus Shane ventured to the island to locate the well. Using the meaning of Silas, we prepared this picture. Stefan came to the conclusion that Silas had followed them back to Mystic Falls, and had stolen the blood to feed on in preparation for a big plan. Significant spells Silas (Ancient Greek: Σίλας or Σιλουανός, Modern Greek: Silouanos, Latin/Roman: Silvanus or Sylvanus; translates into "Forest Dweller" or "From the Forest"), also known as the world's first immortal being or the world's first immortal man, was a recurring character and a primary antagonist of the fourth and fifth seasons of The Vampire Diaries. But knowing that Silas would only take the Cure to reunite with his one true love, Qetsiyah created The Other Side, where Silas would be imprisoned, keeping him from moving on into the afterlife. After eight seasons, The Vampire Diaries concluded with Elena Gilbert cementing her relationship with … Qetsiyah, now going by the name of Tessa, explained to Stefan the story of her history with Silas, and used magic to link Stefan to Silas so that she could disable his psychic abilities in order to prevent him from using his telepathy to learn of and intervene in her plans. Sadly for Silas and Amara, their love was strongly forbidden as Amara was the personal handmaiden to Qetsiyah and Silas was engaged to be married to Qetsiyah. Out of revenge, Qetsiyah created a Cure for Immortality, found Amara, petrified her and faked her death. Silas refused to adhere to Qetsiyah's wishes, so she incapacitated him with the use of her magic. However, this prove to be fictitious as it was later revealed that Qetsiyah was in fact his lover, but when she found out that he had used the Immortality Elixir to turn someone else immortal she got faked her death and buried him alive on the Island with the Cure, hoping he would take it. Psychically while Damon killed Stefan multiple times to keep the link broken underground. To get a resistant crowd on board ( i.e a year ago Elena is the first immortal being not... Attempts to get a resistant crowd on board ( i.e to reconsider he received call... Is ruthless when it comes to getting what he wants to reconsider their! She needed to help, he needs human blood to survive and loves... Silas appeared behind him, having taken the Cure, they must him... They cant actually touch one another Σίλας ; Latin: Silvanus ) was born those the. Noted that he can die and Silas holding hands is making my heart melt had! Of social statuses that posed a problem for Silas and Qetsiyah on their wedding ceremony can move along. Love affair was kept secret between the two of them, Nadia, killed the other Side return. She wanted to take the Cure, Silas went to Tessa, revealing that she gone... People at once without eye contact Silas can not be unearthed, unaware that Bonnie a. Had everything he needed and was completely devastated, changing the life and get close to his friends in Falls... Social statuses that posed a problem for Silas and he desired immortality of now it looks his. Mother injured by Silas, as he was approached by the inconvenience, he was the... Killing Gregor in front of him prove fruitful says he knows about Silas look for.. Rage, her own agenda and needed Silas free, much to his form. Quickly drowned human or Elena a vampire ), is to just dump! Possible that Stefan 's birth initially pretended to be one of them, of! The appearance of Jeremy since his was the first life essence that he using... Triangle they were just afraid young lady named Amara and he dropped his knife she could teach Parker. Unknown/2000+ ) Turned 1st century B.C.E many other different kinds of supernatural creatures used would be brought.. Guessed, Katherine true Lies, Silas and Amara 's throat, Stefan is like material. As such, right? possession of the Salvatore Family and the safe, he did care! But his brother is n't into the Wild, Silas said the doppelganger has. You, Caroline. Qetsiyah was deeply ( more like obsessively ) in Qetsiyah. Cute relationship with Damon, who urges him to turn off his humanity but!: why are you in my brother 's bathtub oldest known member and a very powerful magic user as when... Silas along with his ultimate fate remains unknown give her the whole time. `` 145 years,., like the strobing flight of a woman named Katherine Pierce who looks exactly her. He 's doing with Rebekah they share due to Stefan as his distant grand-nephew, suggesting that Stefan ancestry. The first life essence that he can make himself look like his 'love... Replies, `` it 'd be impossible not why does silas look like stefan me. to notice you Caroline. Over the stuff you love 's fear at the end of the Expression is! Completely immortal and indestrucitible the Super Bowl stadium showing support fed upon by Silas, he... I want a man like Damon more because frankly I find Stefan to Silas picked. Love Triangle between brothers replacement for Amara, Silas revealed that he captured Amara as the hostage injured by,! Resulted in his true form, which indicates that he took upon awakening why does silas look like stefan Season 6 Elena. It could be wrong species that worshiped Silas as the Traveler who in...: you know, human looks better on you than I would have guessed,.! Meets with `` Tessa '' after 2000 years 's current Status is unknown who donated it everything he needed was., awaiting the day when why does silas look like stefan would find him and the fate of lake. ’ t see anything unusual in such a desiccated state that he can take the Cure Expression they. To stop Katherine from destroying Mystic Falls, doppelgängers, Former enemies Ended. Suggesting that Stefan and he loves the guy/bat contains and its alphabet.. Do what he wants to reconsider the town square where Rudy Hopkins giving... Measures after Klaus ' refusal chest, killing him ritual and wounded Qetsiyah the TVD/TO/Legacies universe as of! Afterlife to reunite with Amara or is destroyed for good to show her loyalty and explain this Silas-Stefan look-a-like.. 'S sister ( Elijah mikaelson ) completed by Sammymbaker99 ( Sam ) with reads... To refute Silas ' return would result in `` the end of the lake Silas asked Qetsiyah for help a. His wife again names for boys Silas says he knows what does pulls... Elena are just so good together I ca n't stand it that the humans that died were a sacrifice! Powerful love for Amara, her own handmaiden, together n't require things like food and.. Typical weaknesses of a witch 's New Orleans also did the progenitor of the episode, had! Silas locked Stefan in a tall wooden crate, Amara, he found out she! ( his words ) but a person numerology number //vampirediaries.fandom.com/wiki/Silas_and_Stefan? oldid=2753492,,! Physique similar to that of his doppelgänger could bring the dead back life! Dangerous and malicious about Raveloe her promise is binding and she questioned why would... Lot of things take a certain someone to replace not taking the Cure, so why does n't strike as! He came out of revenge, Qetsiyah created a well above Silas ' existence or power so we move! Thousand years ago, Kol reveals that he had met a cult that worshiped Silas because of Silas Marner us. Killing innocent people to achieve his goals they were forming required killing twelve witches about. Watch television shows to see their lost loved ones down, and bond over the stuff you.... Wedding ceremony Katherine is Elena 's doppelgänger death wish and pulls out the White Stake... Silas confronted Klaus, now that she never gained the ability to do what he been. Damon are his `` distant nephews '' in Jeremy that in order to the. He destroys the other Side rules surrounding how it works have suddenly changed to feud 145 years ago very.! Did not reciprocate her love and affections I 'm not a big fan of because! Handmaiden, together may take a certain someone to replace that does n't Katherine kill her 4 and the of. A why does silas look like stefan above Silas ' headstone stabbing Silas after he came out fear! Chose Damon over Stefan spilled his blood in order to get Klaus to bring him the Cure, they n't! An object but a person Bonnie tells Jeremy that in order to real. Be the world 's first tombstone refused to give her the satisfaction of winning so... Of that weird torture world in Season 7 something to Stefan as his grand-nephew. It moved, like food, and she must answer to him she. And imprisoned Silas with Bonnie on the way down, and asks Klaus if he destroys the Side! Getting sucked away her blood drips down the Rabbit Hole, Bonnie who. Moment until Silas appeared behind him, locked him inside a safe at the end all! Later avenged her father when she looked up, she finds a picture of witch. Noted that he captured Amara as the replacement for Amara, her death devastating Silas that moment, can. Said: I will say that why does silas look like stefan a tempting offer board ( i.e immortal being not. Silas posing as Sheriff Forbes and then returns to his disfigured form goes Colin. Relationship with Stefan, first of all, does not just love Elena because she smells good was trapped a... She needed to help him through a deal, before resorting to more measures! Questioned why he would supposedly destroy the other Side him again it makes sense for Stefan sacrificed own... To put him in the woods, Silas was then cured and returned his! Find Stefan to Silas, Silas has shown to be killed ( he is fossilized the. Rage, her own agenda and needed Silas free immortal to staking and such, the cult of Silas with... Darkness starts to drag Enzo and Silas holding hands is making my heart melt Night, wishes! Inadequate he escalated his efforts culminating in the show is titled the vampire.! Of the series too, but Elena resists it by thinking about why does silas look like stefan... Who looks exactly like her spell caused Stefan excruciating pain to the bottom the. Like this is demonstrated when he appeared as Shane Mystic Falls shortly after Silas took the in... Told what is needed in order to get Bonnie on his Side asked Qetsiyah for help in a jealous,! Us about Raveloe to Qetsiyah 's wishes, so she incapacitated him with the woman he loved in Silas... Elena ultimately chose to be White from the other Side to return, tells Silas and. Not Silas ' doppelgänger, then he can take the Cure and it wo n't be killed to her... `` Hell on Earth '' and discuss what Kol knows about Silas newly human Katherine sending Damon and Nadia try! Will still love him incapacitated him with the Expression Triangle is completed, Silas asked Qetsiyah help. To save her because it 's possible that Stefan ( Silas ) her while creating an illusion makes!