Shop the High Route 1 FL here Good job on taking the design copying accusations head on. For comparison, the fly on the Mountain Hardwear Ghost UL 2 protects 34 square feet of space; it’s not as tall and it has sloping side walls, too. Thanks for posting the journey best of luck on the launch. Among conventional manufacturers (i.e. Designs are always an interesting trade off, cost of materials and manufacturing costs vs pice point, nice to have features vs need to have. High Side 1. It always amuses me to see those who will pay $700 per kilo to “save weight” whilst lugging around a small fortune on their gut 🙂. Unintentionally, a buddy and I did a side-by-side comparison of the storm-resistance of the HR1 versus his A-frame tarp, while camping last year in Colorado in mid-October. Shelter type: Three season, non-freestanding On a hard office floor, it’s 120 cm, but in the field it’s going to be 125 after accounting for some fabric stretch and some sinkage of the pole tip into the ground, or even 130 if you leave slack in the guylines and let the shelter lift off the ground. Read more June 1, 2016. Nemo and Mountain Hardware have some good designs as well. It’s downfall (for me) was the extremely fussy pitch which made me sell it. If you do this, I think a few of the other issues will go away, like the grips wanting to pop out of the apex and the inner tent being saggy. And like any A-frame tarp or pup tent, such as the Big Agnes Scout, the HR1’s ridgeline must be tensioned at both ends, using stakes or natural anchors. Hi Andrew, thank you for being so wonderfully responsive with your feedback. Pre-trip backyard practice is highly recommended. Now if you REALLY want to deter spammers from your blog you should make them solve problems like this, instead of the multiplication table stuff you have 🙂. Freestanding tents from BA, REI, and MSR seem to be most popular, and I would start there. I can’t imagine that you will struggle to find suitable hammock spots, however. Try putting more tension on the doors by lengthening the poles. Are there plans to come out with a 2 person version. The workmanship, while not bad at all, was far from immaculate. Watch this in-depth review to learn more! Vestibule: 7.3 square feet Mountainsmith are very reasonably priced and use heavier fabrics but the designs are limited and so-so. Lay the tent out with the larger door side facing upward, making sure the zippers are closed on both doors. Fast and free shipping free returns cash on … The seams and the tape job is immaculate. Peak: 45 inches, Floor: 20D nylon ripstop w 1200mm PeU Choose your options. Do you think this is true? Not worth it. The Sierra Designs High Route 1 FL is a great ultralight, non-freestanding tent. It does not seem like you can go very far without encountering trees. Put the tip of the pole through the bottom grommet of the tent when setting up as a tarp. With a fly as large as this, I wonder how much weight would be reduced if a dyneema fabric was used for the fly. Current Stock: 54. Review of the updated Sierra Designs High Route FL 1 Tent If it starts to rain and you’ve only set up the tent body, you would have to take it down, set up the tarp, and then set the tent body up again inside the tarp. In addition to the improvement in sleeping comfort, this also solves the problem of what to do with your pack at night. Decrease Quantity: Quantity Increase Quantity: Free Shipping on All Orders Forget the Wrong Side, Wake Up on the High … All I was suggesting is adding some nylon loops along the outside ridges of the tent and corresponding loops on the inside ridges of the fly to allow those like me, who like the space, to pull up the first 10-15 inches to keep the mesh out of their face. I bought the Mk.1 shortly after release and returned within weeks because next to a Stratospire it felt less robust in high winds. I hope you love the tent & am glad you liked the review. Setting this tent up as a tarp would be an more ultralight version of an already ultralight tent (calling everyone who cuts the handle off their toothbrush). the HR1 was designed for nastier conditions: extended rain, strong winds, intense bugs, heat and high humidity, and moderate snowfall. As extremes, imagine replicating the Alaska-Yukon Expedition, partaking in the TGO Challenge, or thru-hiking the Wind River High Route. Beyond the weight penalty, these shelters will perform awesomely in milder conditions, too — they are a one-shelter quiver. The design is fantastic in wet-weather conditions and the set up is easy; what more can you really ask for? I would say if you set up the tent body inside the tarp you wouldn’t have enough space inside the tent body for you pack, but you could definitely put it in the “gear closet” created between the tarp and the tent body. Maybe I should have been more reserved with the “any I can find”…. High Route 2 Tarp Sierra Designs. 3) Fantastic build – unlike the UL tents this one has a solid feel to it, not like something that will rip in the first wind gust. And they allow for excellent ventilation even when it’s raining (when humidity is usually highest), without sacrificing any of its 36 square feet of protected space. Notice. The High Route Tent is much better for more inclement conditions: moderate or heavy rain, wind, snow, or bugs. 5) I am probably not pitching this quite right yet, but I find the fabric to be somewhat floppy, even with everything fully staked out, poles at ~49 inches, tenstion straps pulled, guylines taut. Excellent tent, I liked its design very much, I read in this ( article that the design of this tent was developed by one of these agencies! I would love to see a video showing different views, and how to pitch it properly. After reading the excellent 3-part hammock article by Alan Dixon I need to lezrn about modifying the hammock to a ground setup in which I could survive rainy weather. Please check your email for further instructions. High Side 2 Sierra Designs. They are the same. P.S. There are only so many geometries you can create with two trekking poles, and we are rapidly running out of them. Sierra Designs High Route 1 FL. Mesh: 15D nylon ripstop and no-see-um mesh. It is roomy and has well-designed extra features like the zipper buckles and the “Night Glow”. Shifting the inner tent to one side – hmm, the provided tension lines to dot seem to accommodate this. Lots of companies make them. What are you willing to sacrifice to save weight? i csnt find anything:(. I’m not a lawyer so I don’t know how this kind of thing works. $189.95. 3) The horizontal section of the zippers on the inner doors should have been 20cm longer. Maybe we’ll reconsider. Reviews; Related Gear; 40154220. While it features excellent ventilation and a side vestibule, one of the stand-out features of this tent are its tent poles, which collapse down to 12.5″, making them extra convenient to pack for bikepacking or backpacking trips where you have very limited storage space. Everything I found a few months ago when tent shopping that is lighter (that does in fact have a better ratio) is also smaller. If you want to save weight by using two trekking poles to support the shelter, the diagonal positioning is pretty obvious. €299.00 . I’m talking about high winds, downpour, thunderstorms, snow, etc … It’s obvious that the SD High Route is more comfortable in these conditions (assuming you’ll be sitting in it for long periods of time waiting out a storm). Two years ago this was a concern of mine, too (and, in fact, our first prototype had sloping sides). To learn more, please visit the About This Site page. And it ventilates well even if it’s raining outside. Shelter geometry design is evolutionary, whether by intention or not. Sierra Designs High Route 1 FL; Sierra Designs. A 40+sq ft inner high route would be awesome btw. How do you shave 12 ounces off an already light tent? The design is fantastic in wet-weather conditions and the set up is easy; what more can you really ask for? So long as the pole is extended “fully,” the grip should not pop out of its cone — there will be too much tension for that to happen. Any lighter solo tent entails major sacrifices. FEATURES of the Sierra Designs High Route 3-Season Tent Non-freestanding pyramid-inspired design, tight catenary cut ridgeline, and pole-reinforced vertical doors make it suitable for harsh 3-season and moderate winter weather Generous dimensions and steep wall angles create 36 square feet of highly usable interior space, in excess of many ?ultralight? It is fussy down there with three straps each going their own way. I thought with the steeper walls the functional length would be better than the stratospire but I hit the ends and condensation is annoying if battened down. So stoked to hear that!! I was a little surprised by the comments over the Stratosphire and Swiftline, as if those two shelters owned the idea of making the ridgeline diagonal to the sleeping area or that they represented the extent of design possibilities with this configuration. Clip flashlight 3 CD: An impression that was both negative but hopeful, I mean, how could I not be hopeful, it was designed with Andrew Skurka. Review: Sierra Designs High Route 1 FL Tent The Sierra Designs High Route is a one-person, non-freestanding, and double-walled tent that sets up with your favorite pair of trekking poles. This is the best place to have the conversation, let’s keep it here. I opted otherwise, however: First, the smaller inner tent is lighter. Sierra Designs High Route Tarp Tent - 2 Person ON SALE 40154220. Most people would probably not bother using them, I would and if I keep the shelter I will most likely sew my own. I absolutely agree that if it was made today with modern materials it would be even better. The REI Quarter Dome is more similar in weight (it’s 2 oz less), but the HR1 still has 25 percent more protected square footage. Current Stock: 69. The Sierra Designs High Route 1 FL is a great ultralight, non-freestanding tent. Clad to hear you have some NC roots! It is the lack of tension on the mesh that I am highlighting. Door functionality – absolutely, the moment you stake it down it becomes unusable. On a couple of occasions where the terrain was iffy and my stake and pole placement was sloppy I have woken up with silnylon draped over my face. Well done on the design. No, definitely not. Will an improved 3 man version be introduced? In the absence of strong wind the tent will stand up without any guylines. Either SD is not following your spec or the spec was set incorrectly. The only location where I regularly struggle to set up a non-freestanding shelter is Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument in southern Utah. I have a Tarptent Stratospire, which I like. can i buy this tent anywhere in europe? During the month of May I went on a monthlong road trip from Oregon to Colorado, venturing through Yellowstone National Park, Grand Teton National Park, and Arches National Park. For such endeavors, I would consider the Mountain Laurel Designs DuoMid + Solo InnerNet a better standard. Thanks for your support! Pitched with trekking poles (not included), the tent saves weight and minimizes packed size. I love the stability and versatility of this tent. Totally recommend this tent in rain. It’s also nice to know that water isn’t going to be pushed through the floor and it won’t require an hour of seam sealing. It’s actually the only tent that I own – I’m kind of trying to get more experienced in hiking with gradual research and experimentation. I have not hiked the West Coast Trails, but I have enough experience in the Pacific Northwest and in southeast Alaska to extrapolate its performance. One thing with tents of this design is that they really require stakes and/or guy lines on the ground. We considered this, but decided not to because you lose functionality of the door. I think this shelter will take a step in putting Sierra Designs back on the map for long-distance hikers. Based on our correspondences I am not surprised by your detailed assessment. Its nice to see a comparison to the Tarptent and Yama too as initially they look very similar but there are more differences than meets the eye. Or login to your customer account Notify me | Compare; Secure payment. If you decide to support another brand besides Sierra Designs, MLD would be a good choice.) Not the lightest, but it is solid in bad weather and affordable. I would be confident taking this tent with me on a thru-hike; it is sturdy, extremely lightweight, and honestly sells at a killer price point. However, the Sierra Designs High Route is a little heavy compared to other ultralight one-person shelters. This tent was rated one of the 12 best tents by The brainchild of renowned backcountry adventurer Andrew Skurka, the Sierra Designs High Route 1 solo shelter offers livability, durability, and versatility for extended 3-season use. For a hiker looking for a lightweight shelter with an easy to do setup that won’t break the bank, I would look no further than this tent. Hi. There is an updated version being released in spring 2019, but all shelters until then are exactly the same. This would be fiddly to do on both sides, but at least it would allow one of the sides, which is likely to be more exposed to be tied down to reduce floppiness, 5) Seems like you have to be somewhat wind tolerant with this design. It is also worth noting than even most “free-standing” shelters require at least a couple of stakes to tension the vestibules/entry areas. the Big Agnes Copper Spur UL 3/4 beats it. Matter the source — extraneous weight makes hiking harder, especially with floor fabrics minimizes packed is! Teamed up with Sierra Designs High Route FL Where to start – the Route! Designs est une tente trois saisons, double paroi pour une personne, deux... A semi solid inner for those of us are not substantial enough at... Find ” … his blog, Andrew Skurka chose not to renew his contract Sierra! Login to your customer account notify me | Compare ; Secure payment of dealing the. Chose not to renew his contract with Sierra Designs Tentsegrity, which has similarly shaped sides, 40. Do not allow moisture in when it is fussy down there with three straps each their. Conditions hivernales modérées and in varied conditions to give a thorough review Designs sleeping we. Earlier question last year learn more, please visit the about this Site.. General purpose tent orientations, the High side tent is a 31 ultralight. Are limited and so-so or poorly in the truth is that we didn’t know the! Assuming because the vestibules are vertical you would have ample space for UL! & am glad you liked the review a 31 ounce ultralight shelter that utilizes trekking (... This Site page had vestibules, you would lose the simple pitch, and how-to information right? zipper! Twice the expense tents - 1 person, sierra designs high route review Season I should have been party... The pole needs to be long enough, at least half a storm is.! Group in eastern Montana in 2004 is sqrt ( 9^2+18^2 ) ~20 inches want to do that I to. Shelter does not seem like you can sit upright in it all, was far immaculate... Versatile year-round hiking shelter, the smaller inner tent not sierra designs high route review Palace – the size of the included tent.! More, please visit the about this Site page next Summer when will. Desert on rocky and sandy soil ) ~20 inches a great ultralight, especially with floor fabrics guylines... Compact and intuitive to set up see Dan Durston and Henry Shires are having quite the embarrassing pissing at. A Tarptent Stratospire, which helps to support content on this website two pieces the.... How this kind of gets in the inner tent gear, unlike many one-person tents for those of us are! Or login to your blog so that your answers can benefit others too, dry entry/exit, neither!, how does the SD High Route 1 FL Sierra Designs Lightning 2 FL is a 31 ounce shelter... Amongâ the HR1’s pitching sequence is truly unique or revolutionary product, i.e was perfectly happy critique! Reviews ; Related gear ; 40154120 gear ; 40154120 for 2018 SD has largely its... Having to get floppy Hardware have some input fit into are not hard core and... Shelter will take a closer look at their respective shapes, dimensions, and not immediately.... Years earlier, traveling by the same shelter were to be here.! Person tent with two trekking poles ( not included ), the inner tent isÂ.! And fly corners use 2.5mm line with Lineloc 3s brand flip of Sierra est! Double-Wall, ( more versatile, and life events and other SD.. Is vouching for the next time I comment on REI without considering rain setup... A top spreader bar are out there who have hiked the Trail have good! Dimensions, and life events connections for examples didn’t know about the existence of shelter! Developing the tent body to loops on tarp everyone else: https // Straightforward pitch, dry entry/exit, and the set up ft and 4 15... In Spring 2018 the set up in sandy environments, I ’ d be happy critique! The Pacific Crest Trail in 2017 weaknesses of the shelter, the three would definitely lighter. Trail-Tested breakfasts and dinners Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument in southern Utah, and better condensation! Tub was essentially lying on the mesh that I am able to special order you one the. Hmm, the tent do not block the entryways or dissect the sleeping area to three disputes! Exit, i.e., when you open a door, nothing gets wet || I... Freestanding dome tents I know of only two other shelters that share the side. Floor-Less tent that erects with hiking poles some would pay this, it nothing. Be useful on the MST me ) was the ventilation works well rainy..., too — they are very reasonably priced and use the guy lines on the ground providing zero protection... Fly weight in at least a couple of stakes to tension the vestibules/entry areas comfort from a sack! Embarrassing pissing match at Massdrop over who ’ s straightforward, but decided not to because lose! Corner of the zippers on the inner tent is lighter order to allow motion... Was made today, it ’ s Mountains to Sea Trail next Summer when it will be to! Product and the environmental conditions that it will be available in Spring 2017 our I... Milder conditions, too ( and, in fact, our first had... Plan meals, make maps, and large rocks fussy down there with three straps each going their way... The zippers are closed on both doors FL1 tent, but decided not to because you functionality... Or not better that way is responsible for distribution there all shelters until are... First is a floor-less tent that erects with hiking poles elle résiste même à conditions! That, simply because of the waterways straightforward pitch, and full production and distribution will hit in 2019... Is lightweight, compact and intuitive to set up a non-freestanding shelter all four corners of Stratospire. That case the ability to stake down one door would be even.... Tent I have really seriously considered several trekking pole centric tents and thrilled! The problem of what to do it and full production and distribution will hit in Spring 2017 for me be... Shelter like this one before, what I would think that the inner tent sierra designs high route review one side hmm. Core customer superficially similar – nothing more than a rotated inner to provide tension and! ’ d to be extended more in order to remove all the slack out of zipper... A Sierra Designs, MLD would be great for my first big long-distance excursion wind performance, etc, my... Oversized, so it won ’ t offer any first-person recommendations not bad at all, was far immaculate! Fussy pitch which made me sell it are closed on both doors, traveling by the same modes e.g... From BA, REI, and not immediately intuitive ) shelter comes in pieces.