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By Dr. Regina Atara Wead

"Using the Sidereal Zodiac, like Nostradamus, an astrologer and metaphysician stocks her perception concerning the mixing of jap and Western astrology within the Zodiac Conspiracy. This booklet underscores the omission of Ophiuchus, a huge constellation that the Greeks left off the tropical zodiac wheel. It incorporates a short part on Ophiuchus, the single constellation named after a true guy named Imhotep.
The thirteen solar symptoms of the Zodiac outlines the diversities among well known tropical astrology (that you learn within the day-by-day horoscopes) and the science/astronomy of sidereal astrology. This ebook merges the sidereal and tropical structures to aid us know how the tropical zodiac represents who we're studying to be, whereas the sidereal zodiac represents who we actually are.
• Rev.Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. was once relatively a Sagittarian (The Seeker) who was once studying the best way to be a Capricorn goat, hiking up the mountain to develop into The Achiever.
• Jesus used to be most likely born lower than the signal of Virgo to a virgin mom. even though, he was once relatively a Libra (The Peacemaker) who was once studying tips on how to be a Virgo (The Selfless Servant).

All of this and lots more and plenty, even more is defined during this notable book—13 sunlight symptoms of Zodiac."

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